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Toy City Raceway  —  NEWS  —

Race pictures

Race pictures

Pictures of the track in its varying forms, the racers, and their race cars

CRC fastrack II carpet installed

CRC fastrack II carpet installed

The installation of The CRC Fastrack II was quite the process but the hard work and patience really paid off with a high grip wonderful race surface that we can enjoy for years to come. Come see our indoor R/C track.

Slot Track Construction

Slot Track Construction

Construction of the 4 Lane carrera slot car track started with the concept of maximizing space. The table is constructed to fold up off the R/C track for races and be put back down for the normal business hours usage. The carrera slot car track is evolution track with...

Toy City Raceway Construction

Toy City Raceway Construction

A lot of work was put in to create Toy City Raceway including some volunteer work. Here are some pictures of the build project.

Toy City Raceway  —  EVENTS  —
R/C Events to come stay tuned

R/C Events to come stay tuned

More news to come soon about upcoming events at Toy City Raceway stay tuned! R/C track practice available Mon-Sat during store hours.

Toy City Raceway  —  TRACKS  —

Our slot track is 8 feet x 16 feet, 4 lane carrera, 1/32 or 1/24 size slot cars, wireless controllers, (timing system and decorations to come)

R/C track is indoor on-road or oval depending on schedule. room is approx 36 x 37 feet, pit space available for 14-20 people (at this time), power outlets will be installed by the end of February. Driver stand height is 12 feet high, great view of track. No off-road tires permitted.
Carpet is CRC Fastrack II  the best in the industry. (CRC is Calaranda Racing Concepts)

Toy City Raceway  —  HOBBY SHOP —

Your local NH Toy and Hobby store TOY CITY! Not only do we house an indoor carpet R/C track and Slot car track, we also have a great selection of R/C Vehicles and parts, Slot cars, Toys, Games, Trains, Models, Hobby supplies, Comics, Even furniture. Come see us soon and have some fun!


Toy City Raceway  —  RACERS —

You can join us on Facebook as well a great way to see your local NH Slot car and R/C track. We update Facebook with current results and race information best way to see live changes. Also a way to ask questions and communicate with your fellow R/C or Slot car racers.


Toy City Raceway  —  SCHEDULE —

Toy City Raceway  —  RESULTS —

Race Results

Race Results

RACE RESULTS FROM 3/9/20 Race Results Road-course 3/1/2020Race results from 2/23/20 for road course.Outdoor season video

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